Garage Equipment since 1957

SINCE 1957, Year of foundation of Company CIZETA, the targets of our company are to Design,
develop and manufacture garage and industrial equipment of high quality and long service life


Cricchi idraulici a carrello wulkollan

Hydraulic trolley jacks

Sollevatori oleopneumatici

Pneumatic trolley jacks

Cricchi idraulici da fossa e sottoponte

Transmission jacks

Presse Idrauliche

Hydraulic presses

Presse Idrauliche a collo di cigno

Hydraulic pillar presses

Cricchi idraulici a bottiglia

Hydraulic bottle jacks

Gru idrauliche a carrello

Hydraulic trolley cranes

Attrezzature per carrozzerie

Body repair equipment

Binde idrauliche

Hydraulic lifting jacks

Piastre girevoli per movimentazione

Moving trolley

Carrelli di trasporto

Trolley for moving safely

Pompa idraulica

Hydraulic high pressure pump


Hydraulic hand jacks


Hydraulic pallet truck

Attrezzature universali

Universal tools

Attrezzature speciali

Special tools

cricco porta berici

Jack for textile rool

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